Classes at the Prime Sports Institute

April 2019 - May 2019
Check back periodically for schedule additions and updates!


​​Class Description: 

By crawling, rolling, lunging, squatting, piking, pressing and pulling from the floor you learn to restore lost ranges of motion, to move your body more freely and with greater control. You learn to move with the resilience of a child again. 

Over the course of the series you will learn to build movements progressively, with repetition and breath awareness, re-mapping your brain for improved movement quality, and regressing effectively so that you can push hard without injury. Using conventional strength drills and unbinding flows, set to timed protocols, you teach your nervous system to hold technique under stress, recover quickly from difficulties and failures, and increase durability, resilience and toughness. 


  • No pre-existing pain patterns; ability to crawl around the floor / be on hands and knees for extended periods of time; willingness to think outside the box; commitment to learning good technique, being pushed outside your comfort zone and maintaining a good attitude

INSTRUCTOR: Alaina Sawaya

Location: Downstairs - Gym

Date/Time:  Tuesday and Thursday @ 8:30am

  • April 30 - May 30
  • 2x/week classes for 5 week series: $250
  • Drop-in's:  $30.00
  • Reservations ARE allowed for this class. This class is limited to 6 students. 

Small Group Training

Class Description:

This is a strength training program that begins with a functional movement screen to assess your mobility, stability, and flexibility.

Location: Downstairs - Gym

Date/Time: 2x/week classes for 6 week series: $300

  • Mondays & Fridays @ 7:00am with Kerry Gustafson

Each session will include:

  • Soft tissue work 
  • Corrective exercises - based on your movement screen 
  • Dynamic warmup - prepare the rest of the body for the workout
  • check
    High intensity exercise - changing tempo, time, and format in a structured way
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    Conditioning and core work 
  • check
    Static stretching and diaphragmatic breathing - cool down and allow parasympathetic nervous system to turn on before you walk out the door

Reservations ARE allowed for this class. Class is limited to 6 students.   A waitlist is enabled in case a spot opens up.

Monthly Restorative Yoga

Class Description:

90 min of active relaxation through restorative yoga

Dates and Times

  • ​​May 13, June 10, and July 8: 5:30pm-7pm

Benefits of restorative yoga include:

  • use props to support your body for deeper relaxation
  • relieve the effects of chronic stress
  • increase circulation
  • check
    Boost Your Immune System
  • check
    improve sleep


No acute injuries, ability to get up and down from the floor; No prior yoga experience required

Location: Upstairs Movement Studio

  • ​​$25.00 per class
  • $46.50 for two classes
  • $67.50 for three classes

Reservations ARE allowed for this class. Each class is limited to 14 students.  A waitlist is enabled in case a spot opens up.


Yoga Basics

Class Description:

1 hour class with a focus on yoga basics

  • Emphasis on alignment, action, and breath in each pose
  • Learn to do the poses correctly for your unique body
  • Use props and receive adjustments when necessary to maximize the benefits of each posture


  • Beginners welcome without acute injuries. 
  • No prior yoga experience required.  
  • Experienced yoga students also welcome and encouraged to focus on alignment, building strength, and using the breath in each pose

Days and Times:

  • Mondays @ noon 
  • Thursdays @ 5:30p 

Purchase an 8 class punch-pass (good for 6 months): $120 or Drop-in for $17.

Reserve your space in class.  Each class is limited to 14 students.  A waitlist is enabled in case a spot opens up.


Foam Rolling Basics

Class Description:

45 min class with a focus on foam rolling basics

  • Learn how to properly foam roll the main muscle groups.
  • Practice rolling over different muscle groups slowly.
  • Stop and hold on specific sore trigger points until the tension is released.
  • Incorporate some release work to specifically isolate particular muscles.
  • Learn how and when to use other myofascial release tools to target different muscle groups.

What to bring and wear: 

  • Bring comfortable clothes.
  • Bring your foam roller (and any other myofascial release tools you often use) to class.

Days and Times:

  • Tuesday @ 9:15am 
  • Thursday @ 5:30pm 

Purchase a 4 class pass (good for 6 months): $48 or Drop-in for $15.

Reserve your space in class.  Each class is limited to 8 students. A waitlist is enabled in case a spot opens up.

INSTRUCTOR: Matthew Pettersen

Testimonials from Prime Students

Despite having strength trained for a number of years and having received instruction in proper form and technique, I gained valuable insight into properly preparing the body for a strength and conditioning session.

The small group size lent itself well to individual attention from the trainers and for circuit type training so that the whole hour was efficiently and effectively used.
Small Group Training taught me how to work out more effectively and how not to overtrain.  

Having had at least 4 fitness coaches over the last 18 years, I can say that the depth of knowledge and the level and precision of instruction from the trainers was unparalleled.