​What's keeping you from the start line?

Whatever it is, the new Prime Sports Institute can help.  Whether you need help with an injury, massage, acupuncture or coaching, we offer comprehensive support for athletes and active people in the Bellingham Community. 

Our Team

The best in the business. From acupuncture to athletic training and sports psychology, Prime has the collective knowledge
to get, and keep, you moving full steam ahead.

 The Training Room

Membership based recovery. Utilize state of the art equipment with a recovery plan in hand from your Prime athletic trainers. Weekly, quarterly and annual memberships are available. 


Stretching, strengthening, lifting, and moving. Our classes will help in all of these areas. Whether you're looking for general fitness, or a specialized class, we have what you need. 

​Tools & Resources

​Tips from the training room, patient forms, videos and blog posts can all be found in our tools & resources section. Check out what's new and what we're talking about at the water cooler.

What is the Prime Sports Institute?

The Prime Sports Institute is a multi-disciplinary sports medicine clinic in Bellingham, Washington focused on helping individuals maintain healthy, active lifestyles through a comprehensive approach to wellness.  Whether you are at the top of your athletic game and want to remain healthy and strong, or if you're just getting back into activity after injury, the team of experts at the Prime Sports Institute can help.  

How has Prime helped you?

Thanks to Prime I have exercises that keep me ahead of the injury curve.

I am an elite junior sprint athlete and my main sport is sprint kayaking. Due to my initial technique, I was experiencing problems with my shoulders and hamstrings.  Thanks to Prime, I have exercises I do every day that keep me flexible and ahead of the injury curve

EMMA MCCOY  //  Sprint Kayaking

I had a nagging hamstring issue that would not go away.

No speed work or hills were possible. I felt like I had tried everything. I was given specific exercises, massage, and a handy trick with a lacrosse ball and chair.  Finally, I can run and have kept my injury at bay with what I learned from Kerry at Prime.

KELLY JENSON  //  Runner