​Coaching c​an take on many aspects. It may be assisting your body out of an athletic rut, or helping you mentally prepare for the next step. The Prime Sports Institute coaches will help you get really clear on what you want, make important decisions, identify the boundaries and standards you need to set and take the very next step. 

​Meet our coaches...

Alaina Sawaya

Alaina Sawaya is a Strength & Conditioning Coach. Her desire is to provide elite level care, education and training to Whatcom’s passionately active community. 

​Erica Quam

I work with athletic coaches to help you tap into your full potential as a coach...just like you do for your athletes.  I help coaches by providing:

  • ​STRATEGIES to deal with the actual problems and challenges you face from day to day
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    SUPPORT from someone who can see your potential and hold space while you evolve
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    PERSPECTIVE to help you see a situation from a different angle
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    ACCOUNTABILITY to take steps towards your goals and follow through when you get off track