​Acupuncture is a medical system that was developed by the Chinese over 2500 years ago and is traditionally used to prevent, treat and diagnose diseases, and improve the general health of a person. Its main purpose is to modify the flow of blood in the body and stimulate the nervous system.  Acupuncture has been heavily studied and has become known for its effectiveness in alleviating pain, stress, and other illnesses. Recent research has demonstrated that acupuncture influences the activities of certain amino acids and adenosine in the skin, which may explain its pain-relieving effects.

Warren Schick​, Acupuncturist 

​I was born in Montreal and grew up in the Ottawa Valley in Ontario. I made my way to Bellingham via Vail Colorado, and most recently Boston Massachusetts. My wife Courtney and I moved to Bellingham in August of 2017 to be closer to family living in Vancouver BC. Once we finished our graduate work in Boston we wanted to plant roots in a smaller, close nit community with access to mountains. We value community, exercise, and an outdoor lifestyle. Bellingham is the perfect fit!