Alaina Sawaya
strength & conditioning coach

Alaina Sawaya is a Strength & Conditioning Coach. Her desire is to provide elite level care, education and training to Whatcom’s passionately active community.

She is one of only five women in the world to be TACFIT Team Leader certified (Alpha Level), an intensely rigorous battery of tests demonstrating mental and physical resilience to stress. This experience has developed a principle-based coaching style, transferable to any strength tool or athletic specificity. Because Alaina has been a performance coach in multiple disciplines, she brings a uniquely critical lens to every training situation.

Alaina’s unique training philosophy focuses on often-neglected ideologies such as:

  • correct-before-you-condition
  •  identify compensatory movements 
  •  remedy postural dysfunction 
  •  strengthen functional opposites 
  •  unbind residual tension 
  •  compensate for unintended training adaptations 

By improving joint mobility and motor control, applying movement pattern corrective strategies and implementing progressive strength training you will increase power potential and overall athletic performance.

After landing in Bellingham in 1997 via WWU, Alaina left for a few years to lead mountain bike rides in central Oregon, run the Oregon coast, travel Asia, and guide mountain climbs in BC. Returning to Bellingham in 2011 allowed her to take root and start a family. Alaina, along with her husband, enjoys wrangling two very high energy and adventurous young girls, introducing them to all of Bellingham’s best adventures.

Contact Alaina for private coaching; a customized integration of training modalities along with ongoing support, adjustments and guidance to effectively actualize your prescribed program.


  •  NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist 
  •  FMS-2 Advanced Correctives Practitioner 
  • TacFit® Team Leader USA 
  • FlowFit ® 
  • Circular Strength Training® (CST)
  •  Kettlebell RKC 
  • Check
     Occupational Performance Coach 

Law Enforcement
Coast Guard

  • Check
     Wilderness First Responder 
  • Check
     Beyond Mountain Guide 
  • Check
    Triathlon Program Designer & Coach 
  • Check
    Swim Instructor & Coach 
  • Check
    LeMond Cycling Certified 
  • Check
    Athletic Performance Coach 

Outrigger Canoe (1 & 6)
High-Performance Sailboat
Traditional Collegiate Sports

​What her clients say... 

"Alaina is truly a “Coach’s coach” and a world class health professional. Her intelligence and grace alone make her a standout in the industry, but when you consider her level of experience and professional  accomplishments, you then realize how extraordinary she really is. After years of training and coaching what I thought to be solid mechanics, Alaina has completely overhauled my movement principles, and my squat has never felt stronger. She has been an invaluable resource and mentor to me, which has allowed me to serve me clients on a much higher level. Her understanding of human performance is a game changer and her teaching style inspiring." - Eric Romanak 

"​Training with Alaina has been as enormously positive experience. Honestly it is nothing short of life changing. Our work together has had a
tremendous impact on both my athletic performances and my day to day movements. This has empowered my ideal lifestyle, allowing me to enjoy my hobbies of paddling and surfing without pain or fear of injury. Her knowledge, dedication, and constant desire to improve herself, as well as the experience of her clients, are second to none in the world of strength,
conditioning and movement optimization." - Dan Moseley